No Money and No RegretsТекст

2 autobiographical stories and essays about (the lack of) money: How to Live on $36,000 a Year + How to Live on Practically Nothing a Year
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This carefully crafted ebook: «No Money and No Regrets» contains 2 autobiographical stories and essays about money in one volume and is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. F. Scott Fitzgerald captured the dreams and aspirations of so many people when he wrote of the fabulous excesses of the 20's – a time not unlike the recent economical breakdown and the «get-rich-quick» mania of the Internet bubble, which also crashed, destroying many fortunes and lifestyles… Table of Contents: How to Live on $36,000 a Year How to Live on Practically Nothing a Year In first essay, Fitzgerald explains that he and his wife find it impossible to live on just $36,000 a year. At the end of the essay, Fitzgerald is not just broke, he's in debt. How to Live on Practically Nothing a Year is a follow up piece to How to live on $36, 000 a Year, where Fitzgerald spells out more faulty thinking on living the high life, and stretching a budget. After finding themselves broke and struggling to make ends meet, the young Fitzgerald's are given the idea you can live cheap if you live abroad. Once the family settles in and are able to live the simple Riviera life, Fitzgerald gets to poke more fun at himself. Not only is he unable to economize, he is unwilling to give up his American comforts. It is a delightful insight on Scott and Zelda in the Riviera. Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald (1896 – 1940) was an American author of novels and short stories, whose works are the paradigmatic writings of the Jazz Age, a term he coined. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest American writers of the 20th century.

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  • Возрастное ограничение: 0+
  • ISBN: 9788026802754
  • Издатель: e-artnow
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