Kevin Rothrock

Kevin Rothrock

Хиты продаж

It\'s business time: Max Seddon dissects the controversy at ‘Vedomosti’ and reviews the nature of financial reporting in Russia today
Russia’s coronavirus vaccine: Assessing the risks and research behind ‘Sputnik V’
The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict
From Russia With Junk: Why the U.S. Trashed the Ventilators Shipped From Moscow
Stephen Cohen’s legacy
Poisoned in Russia: Alexey Navalny fights for his life as a deadly trend catches up to the country’s top oppositionist
Finding the poison: Dr. Marc-Michael Blum explains the analytical chemistry needed to identify nerve agents in patients
For Russian eyes only: U.S. voter data, hackers, and the story that wasn’t
Belarusian propaganda: From courting the West to taking Russia’s cues
Treason and Military Journalism in Russia: The arrest and prosecution of Ivan Safronov
‘Red Dawn’: What Hollywood\'s most outlandish Cold War movie says about Americans and Russians
Moral calculus under Putin: Joshua Yaffa talks about his new book, ‘Between Two Fires’
Pandemic Justice: How COVID-19 and coronavirus containment measures have exacerbated problems in Russia\'s courts and prisons
‘The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad New Boss’: Editorial changes at ‘Vedomosti’ jeopardize one of Russia\'s best-respected business newspapers
F**k the Pulitzer: A Russian investigative journalist says his team deserves recognition for breaking one of the stories that won ‘The New York Times’ its latest reporting award
‘Instead of her face, I saw a pizza’: How women in Russia are fighting back against sexual assault
‘Tabloids and an inferiority complex’: The business and political strategy behind the media\'s biased Russia coverage
‘Academic Freedom’: The fight over political activism inside Moscow\'s Higher School of Economics
‘Russia\'s Chances Against Coronavirus’: Sizing up the country\'s healthcare capacity and social readiness for a pandemic
The FSO on the QT: The state of sociological work and opinion polling in Russia today
‘Queer Science Fiction in Russian’: What space epics and tech dystopias tell us about post-Soviet minority activism
‘Constitutional Gymnastics’: Russia\'s strange initiative to keep Vladimir Putin in office for years to come
‘The Naked Pravda’ premiere trailer: Meduza’s new English-language podcast
‘Russians in America’: Russian immigrants and visitors in the U.S. discuss the 2020 Democratic primaries
The Sino-Russian Propaganda Pact: How Moscow and Beijing bungled a media partnership meant to promote each other
The Belarusian Election: Three experts explain what to expect from the presidential vote and the real political battle that follows
‘Russian Journalism\'s Newspeak’: How the Kremlin\'s euphemisms creep into reporting about disasters
Russian Lives Matter: How America’s new civil rights movement reverberates in Russia
‘The Information Nation’: Kremlin researchers and forensic journalists intersect at Russia’s black market for leaked personal data
‘Executive power in Russia’: How we know what we know about Kremlin politics and what to expect from Putin\'s new Constitutional shakeup
‘Conspiracy theories’: What Americans and Russians reveal about themselves in the stories they tell about each other
‘RuNet Sovereignty’: How Russia is trying to isolate its Internet segment from the rest of the world, maybe
‘Starting WWII’: Today\'s war of words between Russia and Poland over the history of the late 1930s

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