Lynda Hudson

Lynda Hudson

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Relieve social anxiety
Create a positive mindset
Learn to say NO without feeling guilty
Relieve acid reflux pain
Relieve stress the mindfulness way
Banish interview nerves
Stick with healthy eating
Stick with your fitness regime
Come Up from Depression
Overcome Panic Attack the Mindfulness Way
Switch off the Mindfulness Way
Breast Cancer: Your Support Through Chemotherapy
Tantrum Taming
Revise and Remember
Tame Your Temper
Learn Self Hypnosis
Overcome Exam Nerves
Instant De-Stress
Fearless Public Speaking
Beat Stage Fright
Helping You to Lose Weight
Feel Good
Beat Fear of Flying
Creativity Burst
Control Your Anger Before it Controls You
Calm and Control Vocal Tics and Bodily Twitches
Anger Management
Confidence Believe in yourself
Beat Driving Test Nerves
Relieve Anxiety the Mindfulness Way
Let Go of Obsessive Thoughts the Mindfulness Way
Forgive Yourself and Let Go of Unhelpful Guilt the Mindfulness Way
Peaceful Sleep the Mindfulness Way
Purely Relaxation
Stop Smoking
Be Assertive
Manage your Dyslexia
Prepare for Your Operation
Boost Your Confidence
Lose Weight
Pre-surgery and Healing
Good Morning
Relieve Anxiety
Stress Relief
Calm and Relaxed at the Dentist
I Love Going to the Dentist
Rest and Sleep
I\'m Dry at Night
I Love School
Verbal Bullying?
Get a Good Night\'s Sleep
Focus and Concentration
Say Goodbye to Fussy Eating
Boost Your Self Esteem
Let your worries fly away
Stop Sucking Your Thumb
Manage Your IBS
Cope with Verbal Bullying
Relief from Skin Irritation
Manage Your Diabetes
Stop Biting Your Nails
Stop Clenching Your Teeth
Manage Your Weight
Be Confident, be Brave, be Strong

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