Tears We Cannot StopАудио

A Sermon to White America
Автор: Michael Eric Dyson
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This program is read by the author&quote;Elegantly written, Tears We Cannot Stop is powerful in  several areas: moving personal recollections; profound cultural  analysis; and guidance for moral redemption. A work to relish.&quote; -Toni  Morrison&quote;Here's a sermon that's as fierce as it is lucid. It  shook me up, but in a good way. This is how it works if you're black in  America, this is what happens, and this is how it feels. If you're  black, you'll feel a spark of recognition in every paragraph. If you're  white, Dyson tells you what you need to know-what this white man needed  to know, at least. This is a major achievement. I read it and said  amen.&quote; -Stephen KingAs the country grapples with racist  division at a level not seen since the 1960s, one man's voice is heard  above the rest. In his New York Times op-ed piece &quote;Death in Black  and White,&quote; Michael Eric Dyson moved a nation. Isabel Wilkerson called  it &quote;an unfiltered Marlboro of black pain&quote; and &quote;crushingly powerful,&quote; and  Beyonce tweeted about it. Now he continues to speak out in Tears We Cannot Stop-a  provocative and deeply personal call for change. Dyson argues that if  we are to make real racial progress we must face difficult truths,  including being honest about how black grievance has been ignored,  dismissed, or discounted. Short, emotional, literary, powerful-this is  the book that all Americans who care about the current and long-burning  crisis in race relations will want to read.

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April 4, 1968
Michael Eric Dyson
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