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The fifth edition of the book is supplemented by 39 new interpretations and includes all previous editions of the book "Prophecies of Nostradamus" by Svetlana Denisova. Deciphering the prophecies takes a lot of time and extensive historical knowledge. Understanding and publishing all quatrains at once is an impossible task. Therefore, with the accumulation of new interpretations, the next release of the book comes out. Unfortunately, most quatrains will not be understood. For those who have already read the previous version, it is enough to see the interpretation of the latest edition:

The predictions about France: 1.95, 5.97, 4.26, 1.12, 1.32, 2.92, 3.25, 1.88, 6.42, 8.7, 8.32, 8.44, 8.60, 3.41, 9.57, 3.96, 6.71;

The predictions about England and USA: 1.86, 1.65, 2.51, 8.14, 8.56, 1.26;

The predictions about Russia: 5.83, 5.45, 2.34, 6.72, 9.51, 4.75;

The predictions about Spain: 9.89;

The predictions about Italy: 2.97, 8.7;

World wars: 1.99, 9.90, 3.58, 6.3;

World war III: 1.21, 1.29;

After Comet: 2.10.


Michel de Nostradamus (14.12.1503 – 02.07.1566) was a French doctor, druggist and astrologer. He is known for his prophecies. His book of 942 quatrains was published in 1555. As a doctor, he was known for having managed to stop several plague epidemics in France. At a time when everyone fled from the plague to escape, he went to the hearth of infection to save people at the risk of his own life. He was assigned a lifetime pension for the feat of a doctor.

The according to the teachings of St. Augustine since all people remember the past some are able to "remember" the future. This explains the ability of clairvoyance. Nostradamus wanted and sought to know the future. This ability was given to him. Prophecies come true with amazing accuracy, even the years. Each prediction is written in the form of a quatrain. They are collected into centuries, 100 in each, except for the 7th century – it is incomplete. There are 10 main centuries. Quatrain numbers consist of the century number – before the point and the number of quatrain – after the point.

Some time ago, searching for an answer to some questions, I became to read different prophets. Reading Nostradamus, I began to guess what some of the quatrains were about. I tried to decipher them – it turns out well. So that’s how this book appeared. Many quatrains have been deciphered long ago and correctly and are available in Internet. They are included into this book, marked by the symbol * and have a link. I gave them my own interpretation and number decryption. Many interpretations are made by me.

For almost 500 years, many people have interpreted Nostradamus in different countries and in different languages. It is impossible to verify all previous interpretations, so this thought had to be given up. I do not claim the uniqueness and authorship of all interpretations in this book. However, I consider myself the author of deciphering method for the years from quatrain numbers. Translation of quatrains are not very accurate, and Nostradamus himself tried to hide the meaning. Therefore it is impossible to guarantee the credibility of interpretations, although I tried not to bend the truth.

Each quatrain has a name which corresponds to its meaning. The original text is in Old French and English translation follows the title. The number deciphering and connection with other quatrains is given at the end of the interpretations, if the number has been deciphered. For readers this book will be especially interesting by predictions about the future. A lot of prophecies, drawing a picture of the future Apocalypse and the birth of a new civilization are collected here.

Decipher the numbers of quatrains

Time after time sensational statements appear in the media that someone found the key to deciphering all Nostradamus prophecies. But they are not confirmed. I will not claim that I have found the key and can decipher all the prophecies. In some quatrains years are indicated almost explicitly. For example, in the quatrain 917 it is enough to put 1 before the number and it will be 1917. The same is in number 8.12. In the quatrain 8.19, it is enough to put 1 at the end and we will get year 1918 in the reverse order. Therefore, there is no universal key. No one can decipher all prophecies, as they are spread until the end of the world. Even if we assume that someone can decipher the future correctly this person will not be able to prove it until the future becomes present or past. Only then historical facts will appear confirming the correctness of interpretation.

In quatrain numbers the prophet ciphered the years of the predicted events. He gave a hint to decipher in the quatrain 1.2: "The rod in the hands placed in the middle of branches." The branches, probably, is the quatrains number. Most of them consist of 3 digits. Two digits have only the first nine quatrains in each century. The quatrains numbers have 4 digits only in the tenth century. The rod is most likely the digit 1. It should be placed in a number (tripod) to get 4 digits of the year. The digit 1 can be place in any position of the number or added or subtracted. 00 to hundreds or 000 to thousands can be added to the century number. In the quatrain 1.6 by adding 00 and 1, we get the year of the predicted event – 1601.

Having tried various operations with the numbers of quatrains I came to the conclusion that the Prophet used various methods for encryption the year.

1. The method of permutation of digits. For example, in the quatrain 3.59 the digits should be read in the reverse order as 953, adding 1 at ahead we will get as result the year of Stalin's death. In prophecy 3.97 it is enough to put 3 at the end, and add 1 to the start and there will be 1973 – the year of Syrian Constitution adoption. This simplest method was used in quatrains: 4.39, 5.29, 5.56, 5.91, 5.94, 8.57, 9.45, 9.53, etc.

2. Digit flipping method: 6 into 9, 5 into 2 and vice versa. For example in quatrain 4.56 if we turn 6 to 9, read in reverse order and add 1 in front we will get 1945. This method was used in quatrains: 4.93, 6.9, 6.23, 3.60 and many others.

3. The method of subtraction of one part of the number from another. For example, 9.86, 9 – is a number of century (hundred), corresponding to 900, consequently 900-86 = 814. If we add 1 in the front we will get 1814 – the year of Paris capture.

In many prophecies, several methods are used simultaneously. For example in quatrain 9.21: if we rotate 9 in 6, swap 2 and 1 we will get 600-12 = 588, add 1 in front we will get 1588 – the year of d'Guise murder.

In any case, the digit 1 is always used as the basis for encryption. Apparently, different methods of encryption were used intentionally so that no one could decipher everything at once. The technique that I developed does not provide 100% credibility and does not always lead to decryption of the number. However, it often gives the years which correspond to the meaning of prophecies. I think Nostradamus used exactly these methods for quatrains numbers encryption and, perhaps some others.

Everything was predetermined long ago.

Nostradamus prophecies come true so accurately

that it seems that all of us – just the performers

of roles in the great divine drama called "History”.

Quatrain 1.1 Secret cabinet

Estant assis de nuict secret estude,

Seul repose fus la selle d'airain;

Flambe exigue sortant de solitude

Feit proferer qui n'est a croire en (vain.

I seated at night in secret study

Only resting on the copper saddle:

Tiny flame leaving the solitude

Make prosper what is not vain to believe.

I think that the first quatrain does not contain any prophecy but describes the environment in which the prophet used to live and work. Nostradamus lived in a small town Salon in France. It is known that he had a secret room on the second floor of his house where he wrote his prophecies at night (the quatrain number 1.1 probably means that the prophet talked one on one with God).

Quatrain 1.2 Divine shine

La verge en main mise au milieu des (branches,

De l'onde il moulle le limbe & le pied,

Vn peur & voix fremissent par les manches,

Splendeur diuine, le diuin pres s'assied.

The rod in the hands placed in the middle of branches.

With the wave he moistens and the hem and the foot:

A fear and voice trembling of the handles: Divine splendour.

The divine is seated nearby.

Judging by the content, the second quatrain like the first, is not a prediction. The first line can be the key for decryption. The branches may mean the digits of quatrain, and "rod" – the digit 1, which must be placed between the digits of the numbers to get the answer. The last 2 lines, perhaps, say that the prophecy was given to him from Heaven. If to believe in this Nostradamus revelation it means he heard "the voice" and saw "divinity", and then the trembling of the handles is understood.

Quatrain 2.36 The letters seized

Du grand Prophete les lettres seront prinses

Entre les mains du tyran deuiendront,

Frauder son Roy seront les entreprinses,

Mais ses rapines bien tost le troubleront.

The letters of the great Prophet will be seized,

They will come to fall into the hands of the tyrant:

His enterprise will be to deceive his King,

But his extortions will very soon trouble him.

In 1781 Pope Pius VI betrayed anathema all the works of the great astrologer and forbade their distribution. The revolution broke out in France after 10 years. Robespierre stood up for the prophet. He found a prediction about the renewal of the century – in 1792 a new chronology was introduced.


Quatrain 1.42 The desecration of grave

Les dix Kalendes d'Auril de fait Gotique

Ressuscité encor par gens malins,

Le feu estaint, assemleee diabolique,

Cerchant les os du d'Amant & Pselin.

The tenth day of the April Calendar, calculated in Gothic fashion

is revived again by wicked people.

The fire is put out and the diabolic gathering

seek the bones of the demon of Psellus.

A decade later in 1791 the revolutionary Jacobites destroyed and desecrated his tomb as he predicted in this quatrain. Diabolic gathering – first they hung up his skeleton, then scattered his bones and even drunk from the prophet’s skull. The fire is put out – can be interpreted as arson the Franciscan church by Jacobites. Soon the scourge reached the violators. Nostradamus remains were reburied in the church of St. Lawrence.

The decoding of the number 1.42. If consider 1 as 100, then 100-24 = 76. By flipping 6 into 9 and putting 1 at the end we will get 791.

Golden age

The greatest prophet Michel Nostradamus has predicted time, in which we now live, as the Golden Age. He wrote predictions in the form of quatrains, trying to hide their meaning. Each quatrain has a number, in which the year is encrypted. In a prophecy 9.17 events are described before the Golden Age.

Quatrain 9.17 Golden age

Le tiers premier pis que ne fit Neron,

Vuidez vaillant que sang humain respandre

R'édifier fera le forneron,

Siècle d'or, mort, nouueau Roy grand esclandre.

The third one first does worse than Nero,

How much human blood to flow, valiant, be gone:

He will order to restore the arc,

Golden Age, dead, new King, great scandal.

In the beginning of quatrain is spoken, most likely, about the third antichrist. About antichrist Nostradamus writes also in other quatrains (8.77, 3.59, 10.66), and all of them about Stalin. They both pay attention to science, wrote poetry. Both promoted the personality cult, was afraid of a plot, they destroyed the "enemies of the people". But most importantly, both were extremely violent. Suetonius Tranquillus wrote about Nero: he put to death unstintingly and at random anyone for any deed. But such personalities, and worse, in the history there were many. Why he is "the Antichrist"? Antichrist means against Christ! Nero and Stalin were the pursuers of the Christian religion. Nero is counted as the first persecutor of Christians – torture and executions of Christians were the most violent. The founders of the Christian Church, Peter and Paul, were executed during the reign of Nero. Under Stalin churches were destroyed or used for other purposes. The believers and priests were persecuted. In 1932 the Soviet Union was declared the campaign for the total abolition of religion.

The second line of the quatrain: "How much human blood to flow, valiant, be gone:", probably, about the victory over the Nazis. The concept of the "Golden age" does not fit the Second world war, which killed tens of millions of people. But the war contributed to the growth of industry, especially heavy: aircraft construction, shipbuilding, etc. Together with industry, science evolved too. During the war had made the greatest discovery of the 20th century, nuclear energy, which after the war became widely is using for peaceful purposes, for the production of electricity.

The third line of the quatrain, if considered in connection with the second line, speaks about triumphal arch- the Brandenburg gate in Berlin. It was restored in 1945.

The fourth line of quatrain begins with a Golden age. It is our time. If 1 put before the number of quatrain we will get1917 – the year of the great October Revolution. It radically changed life all over the world. In the next decades many countries of the world changed the social system. Only in 1918 year about 40 monarchies ceased to exist. Republic replaced the monarchy. This is a more democratic society, aimed at protecting the interests of the people, but not the ruling elite.

Before the Revolution working day was about 12-14 hours in the factories. Workers rented angle in the barracks. After Revolution the country entered the normal working hours and safe working conditions, and wages were increased. Everywhere was introduced free universal education and free health care. Russia literally transformed in 10 years. The Russian Revolution changed many things not only in Russia, but also abroad. Workers all over the world fought for the improvement of their lives, and concessions were made for them, because capitalists were afraid of revolution. The improvement of working conditions and life increased working interest in the results of job. The labour productivity increased. Liberation of labour in the capitalist countries has led to unprecedented scientific and technological progress.

For during 70 years there is no global wars, catastrophes, epidemics, famine. High technology has facilitated the work. Many are living with the conveniences that have never existed before. Many have cars. At any time of the year you can eats tropical fruits, relax on the tropical coast. People learned to fly in Space and swim under water. Social pension, medical insurance, unemployment benefits and other social. programs support people in old age and in difficult situations. These elements of socialism are in many countries of the world. Maybe the better period will be in future, but in the past better than now was not. What is not a Golden age!

It is necessary to tell about the negative consequences of the "Golden age" – it is overpopulation. In 1930 year the population of the world was estimated at roughly 2 billion people, by the beginning of the 21 century it has grown 3 times. Such a significant increase in population in less than 100 years, is a consequence improve their lives, increase fertility and life expectancy. However, such a rapid population growth is a disaster for the planet. Rapidly developing civilization like a cancer that sucks out of the land of all that is possible. War, epidemics, all kinds of natural disasters are kind of immunity of the planet from overpopulation.

In the 4th line of the quatrain, after the "Golden age", followed by the word "death". Apparently, it is about Stalin. "The new king" after him was Khrushchev. "Big scandal" may mean censure and condemnation Stalin's personality cult. The number of the quatrain 9.17 explicitly specify the year of Revolution, 1917, through which came the Golden age.

Quatrain 3.94 Admiration by the century

De cinq cens ans plus compte l'on tiendra,

Celuy qu'estoit l'ornement de son temps:

Puis à vn coup grande clarté donrra,

Que par ce siecle les rendra trescontens.

In 500 years during which more will take into account,

The one who was the ornament of his era:

Then with a shock great clarity he will give,

Which by this century will bring them great contentment.

In this prophecy Nostradamus calls the Russian revolution a coup. The reference in 500 years, apparently, is specified approximately. Many do not feel that living in a Golden age because each person is in life their problems and troubles. But as they say, you will not know happiness until you lose it. All will end overnight and the chaos of world war 3. It predicted in quatrains: 9.31, 1.55, 4.67.

Quatrain 10.89 Mellifluous times

De brique en marbre serôt les murs reduicts,

Sept & cinquante années pacifique,

Ioye aux humains, renoüé l'aqueduict,

Santé, grands fruits, joye & temps melifique.

The walls will be converted from brick to marble,

Seven and fifty pacific years:

Joy to people, the aqueduct renewed,

Health, abundance of fruits, joy and mellifluous times.

Our time is predicted in this quatrain. Apparently, the first line, must be understood in a figurative sense, as the well-being and prosperity of peoples. "Aqueduct renewed" – millions of people in the world now have housing with all amenities. The prophet writes about the health of our time. Indeed, medicine has reached such a level of development that able to treat many diseases. Fifty seven peaceful years (conversely 75), perhaps, it should count off from the end of the Second World War: 1945+75 = 2020?!

Quatrain 5.41 Renewing the Golden age

Nay sous les vmbres & iournee nocturne

Sera en regne & bonte souueraine,

Fera renaistre son sang de l'antique verne,

Renouuellant siecle d'or pour l'airain.

Born in the shadows and during a dark day,

He will be sovereign in realm and goodness:

He will cause his blood to rise again in the ancient urn,

Renewing the age of gold for that of brass.

Presumably this is a prophecy about the period after 2000.

Renewing the age of gold. We can understand this as the renewal of the Golden Age for Russia. Throughout the world this century was interrupted by the Second World War. Moreover, in USSR the Stalin period is difficult to attribute to the golden age: on the one hand, the power and scope of the country has increased, on the other – repression and famine have led to the death of millions of people. Also Yeltsin's rule cannot be called golden, when there was a sharp decline in production and the impoverishment of the people. Putin’s coming to power can be considered a renewal of the golden age for Russians. The people, for the most part, got out of poverty: they began to buy cars, apartments, go abroad.

Linkage with other quatrains: 10.72.

Quatrain 5.32 End of the Golden age

Ou tout bon est tout bien Soleil & Lune,

Est abondant sa ruyne s'approche,

Du ciel s'aduance vaner ta fortune,

En mesme que la septiesme roche.

Where all is good, the Sun all beneficial and the Moon

Is abundant, its ruin approaches:

From the sky it advances to change your fortune.

In the same state as the seventh rock.

There are problems and troubles in the life of every person, so many do not feel the sweetness of this century. As they say, you will not know happiness until you lose – when disasters begin, then people will understand and will remember this time as the Golden Age. It will end overnight, and Apocalypse will begin. Seven global disasters will follow one after another during several decades. There will be also good intervals between catastrophes. Everything will begin with the third world war, which will be nuclear. Then the new Great Flood will happen, the fiery Comet will complete the extermination. All this shall be considered as retribution for our sins. Out of the seven billion people now living, there are only several hundreds of thousands people which are worthy to inherit the Earth.

Some interpreters refer the Golden Age, predicted by Nostradamus to a distant future. At the beginning of the next civilization there will be Golden time which will last not only one century, but about а thousand years. This is also predicted. But these quatrains, no doubt, speak of our time.

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