She's Selling What?!Аудио

Автор: Tim Farrant
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So your wife signed up with a network-marketing company, and now you're tripping over a pile of skepticism, frustration, and a million questions.Oh no. She can't be serious. These things are scams!  Thousands of men across the country are in the same boat. They hear their wives talk about a new ';opportunity' and immediately launch into all the reasons why network marketing doesn't work, how nobody makes real money, and how most people quit the business within a year. Instead of encouraging their wives' excitement and enthusiasm, many husbands pour a bucket of cold water on their dreams.   In She's Selling What?! Tim Farrant opens up about his wife's start and epic rise in network marketing and his own journey from shock and skepticism to understanding and support as he set aside his ego and figured out how to supporthis wife as she built a business that changed their family forever.   As you follow along, you will:    Discover how to overcome your initial skepticism and take a good, honest look at your wife's network-marketing business. Identify your family's big win that will make all her hard work worthwhile. Understand how her compensation plan works, how to maximize it to make the most money possible.  See where you fit into her business and how you can make an exponential impact on her success.  Find answers to the most common questions husbands have about network marketing. Learn when you should speak upand when you should shut up. Embrace your role as her number-one fan. Realize that her business can be the best thing that ever happened to your family.   We owe it to our wives to set aside our initial skepticism and preconceived notions about network marketing and dig deep into the issue that matters most: how we can become the supportive, encouraging husbandsand teammatesour hard-working wives deserve.

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