Traber Burns

Traber Burns

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American Demagogue
Magic Gun
Best New True Crime Stories
Hidden Nazi
Cheyenne Pass
Satellite Street
Hot Metal
Only the Stubborn Survive
Mindfulness for Stress Management
Gentle Way
Dead Man\'s Journey
Triumph of the Egg
Top Soldier
Brass Man
Retirement Planning in Eight Easy Steps
Twin to Twin
We Don\'t Live Here Anymore
Spinoza Problem
Jigger Bunts
Men to Match My Mountains
Echoes of My Soul
Driving on the Rim
Walking Alone
Sunset Wins
Best of Richard Matheson
Three Trails to Triangle
Hunted Wolf
New Urban Crisis
Ice Bucket Challenge
Blue Hour
Hard Way Out of Hell
Mighty Endeavor
Echoes of Sherlock Holmes
St. Louis Noir
Honor before Glory
Compassionate Soldier
Quick Tips for Busy Families
Murder in the Bayou
Teton Bunch
Dead Man\'s Canon
Leaving Yuma
Furnace Flat
Business of Dying
Reckoning at Lansing\'s Ferry
Why the Jews?
Time for Trumpets
God Is in the House
Three Students
Odd Man
Honest Swindler
Tragedy of Errors, and Others
Reindeer Clue
Summer of the Star
Wedding Anniversary
Terror Town
Uncle from Australia
Momma and the Meaning of Life
Boy Soldiers of the American Revolution
Dark Places
In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe
Dog\'s Gift
Lincoln\'s Billy
Lost Bank
Bliss, Remembered
Vengeance Is Mine
Why We Make Things and Why It Matters
Echoes of My Soul
Wife or Death
Why So Dead?
Who Spies, Who Kills?
Which Way to Die?
Where Is Bianca?
What\'s in the Dark?
Shoot the Scene
Room to Die In
Queens Full
Calendar of Crime
Adventures of Ellery Queen
Purple Bird Mystery
Mystery of the Vanished Victim
Mystery of the Merry Magician
Blue Herring Mystery
Yellow Cat Mystery
White Elephant Mystery
Brown Fox Mystery
Red Chipmunk Mystery
Green Turtle Mystery
Golden Eagle Mystery
Black Dog Mystery
Indispensable Milton Friedman
Reducing Gun Violence in America
Perilous Conception
River Swimmer
Creatures of a Day, and Other Tales of Psychotherapy
Coyote Hunter of Aquidneck Island
War Relic
Rio Tinto
Strong Land
Torturous Trek
Brass in the Desert
Six Years in the Hanoi Hilton
Killing the Bismarck
Last of All Possible Worlds and The Temptation to Do Good

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